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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scrapbooks Made Simple Crop

Hello all,

So i am home, and kinda caught up on my sleep from Grande Prairie! WOW, what a great bunch of ladies. I wanted to send out a HUGE thank you for a most fabulous and creatively fun weekend Anita. Loved meeting everyone, and seeing all the gorgeous work from all the amazingly talented ladies!!! I had so much fun!!! And a huge and gracious thank you to all the ladies who took my classes and took part in my make and take.

What a great event, i suggest if you haven't been to a crop in Grande Prairie, then it would be so worth it to take the trip. Everyone was so wonderful, the goodie bags were excellent, the prizes were amazing, the games and giveaways were so much fun, and the talent, well there was absolutely NO shortage of that!!! A very fabulous time indeed. I am definitely looking forward to the next event that Anita puts on!

Just in case you may be interested in any upcoming events that Anita from Scrapbooks Made Simple is hosting, here are some future dates:

March 9th - 5pm-12am - Late night crop
March 23rd - Day crop - Location and cost to be announced
April 6th - 5pm-12am - Late night crop
May 11th- 5pm-12am - Late night crop
May 25th in celebration with National Scrapbook Month
June 16th - Day crop - Location and cost to be announced

Please feel free to contact Anita about any or all of these dates, 1-780-513-0006 or

Here is a photo of the cropping space from the weekend, and thats only half the room...

and here is the fabulous leader, Mrs. Anita Giesbrecht :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

RAK Day (Random Acts of Kindness)

Hey everyone,

In case you didn't know, today is RAK Day (Random Acts of Kindness Day) and in spirit of the day i took all the names from my blog followers and put them in a hat and pulled out three names (because everything lucky happens in three's). So could each of the three winners email me there mailing address so that i can send them the little goodie bag they each won!!! You can email me at

#1 - Jessie Lubyk
#2 - Craftaholic aka Rexann
#3 - Mary

Congrats to the winners and Happy RAK Day!!!!

Felting - Little Smokey

As i mentioned before i met a talented bunch of ladies at Little Smokey AB. One of the ladies (Hope Kristensen) did felting. Let me start by saying this, what i pictured felting to be and what i actually saw, were two COMPLETELY different things! If i hadn't seen with my own eyes what could be created, i never would have believed it!!! This women makes the cutest hair scrunchies, hats, flowers and juggling balls.....YES that's right juggling balls!!! AND (my personal favorite) backpacks!!! Seriously these backpacks blew me away, Hope is seriously talented at what she does. I can't believe this is felting!!! Check out these photo's of her amazing work......

Check out this backpack she made for her son. I watched her make it....unbelieveable

Another beautiful dragon backpack...

This is her daughter modeling the backpack...these backpacks are big as well as beautiful...

Here is her card and contact info....

Little Smokey Crop

Hello all,

On the weekend of February 10,11,12 and 13th i was asked by my friend Jessie to go to a crop out at Little Smokey AB, and for those of you who don't know where that is, it is near Valleyview AB. All i have to say is what an AMAZING bunch of ladies, and talented to say the least. I'm not just talking traditional scrapbooking either. The ladies there are a mixed crafting bunch! They copic create, scrapbook, digital scrapbook, quilt and do felting!!! This crop was just fabulous, and i didn't even mention the best part, you can bring your children, yes that's right your children!!! Now i know some of you are thinking what the heck would i get done with my kids there, but seriously i barely seen mine, im pretty sure they only emerged to eat and drink lol. And everything a kid could want was there, containers of toys, games, crafting, movies and a bunch of other kids to play with, and if it's nice out there is a huge playground right outside the door of the hall. I paid $10.00 a day and i slept there, my kids came, and all meals were provided there (we were given a list of things to grab, and handed them over when we got there) and it was 24 hour cropping if that's what you wanted to do. All i brought was snacks and sleeping bags and my scrap stuff!!! WHAT AN AWESOME DEAL!!!! And the food is some of the best i ever had...seriously! This cropping bunch is just a gem! By being able to bring your children, do you realize what kind of money you save on a sitter? I cannot think of a better deal to go scrapping!!! If you haven't been, it's a must go, trust me, i had an absolutely wonderful time!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wall Sugar Co. shout out

Just wanted to give shout out and a HUGE thank you to Shaylenne over at Wall Sugar Co. for making me the featured artist. They featured a picture of the "super scissors" i altered. I LOVE WALL SUGAR, your products inspire me!!!!

If you haven't checked out Wall Sugar Co. before, then you definitely should, they carry some excellent items that are just begging to be altered.

Here is a picture of the "Super Scissors"