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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birthday card....

I was on the circut circle forum, and i came across a women named Kat who had posted "103 and still going strong". She is hosting a birthday party for a dear friend that is turning 103 on September 1. She is  planning just a beautiful celebration for her friend. Her theme is Riding thru the decades, and she has arranged for vintage cars to take her dear friend around the block to celebrate. Some of the cars include a Model T and a 57 chevy. Also since the women is turning 103 she wanted her to receive 103 Birthday Cards, in honor of her years! So i volunteered to make a card. How wonderful is Kat, so thoughtful, to honor her friend in such a way!!!! Just a simply amazing story, such kindness that is very rare now a days!!! Kat was kind enough to let me take part and accepted my offer to make a card for her dear friend, and this is what i came up with...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Canvas Flower... this is me tooting my own horn...TOOT TOOT...LOL. So i'm sitting downstairs in my craftroom, and i am working on this project, and i NEED a canvas flower for it. And i know there are flowers out there, but i couldn't find anything that i thought would suit my project. So today i stopped at the fabric store and bought some lightweight canvas material. Now keep in mind that i wanted a huge canvas flower! So after playing around with the fabric for a little bit, this is what i came up with. I am loving it, and it is huge, it's as big as my whole hand!!! What do you think?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing with copics...

Ok so here is a fun thing i've been playing with...copics...but not just copics...the copic airbrush system! So much fun i tell ya!!! So i started with plain white prima flowers, and then my colors were Y and BV colors from the copic line. To give the illusion of high points i started and highlighted with a very light B color from the copic line, then started layering in other colors lighter to darker. I yellowed the center to start and then re sprayed it at the end. I took some hemp twine and lightly colored it a matching yellow to the center.

So here are my pieces after i was done airbrushing...

so i threaded the hemp twine all the way through the flower and the button and then tied it. I put a little spot of tape runner between each layer and a little behind the button, just to hold it in place while i was pushing holes to thread the hemp twine through the button! And this was my finished product.

Hope you like it!!!

A few of my favorite layouts...

So these are a few of my favorite layout's i have done!

This is one of the things i really like to do. I like to take a whole bunch of random things and little knicknacks in co-ordinating colors, and then put one piece that's a random color. (notice the one blue button)

YAY glimmer mist...LOVE IT!!!

Liquid glass is also another fav of mine, i used it on the frame in this layout. I also like to use paint on my pages, i added the green paint, it's kind of a nice switch from inking, which i do ALOT of!

I also really like cork can cut them with your cricut or you can buy them pre-cut, but either way they match any layout and sometimes they just give that little something extra!!!

Another thing i like to do is re-create the background and bring it to the fore-ground, like i did with the cherry blossoms, that way your ideas don't get lost on a too busy page!

Vintage Mini Album

Here is a vintage mini album i created....not sure what to put in it yet...Maybe it should be a gift card holder or maybe i should fill it with ATC's or maybe vintage family photo's. Right now it's displayed in my scrapbooking room!

Front cover...

a close up of the bindings...

a couple of the inside pages...

a couple more of the insdide pages...

Back cover!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tile me up

Another 12 x 12 two page layout, which i did for a class. Sometimes it's just fun to start with a completely white background, and then see what happens...well this is what happened to mine! Notice the paper...that's right October Afternoon (my fav). I love inking and stamping to create or spice up backgrounds, so i had a ton of fun doing this layout!!! I also have 5 kits available for this class for $30.00 if interested.

The picture for some reason really washes out this layout, it's really rich in color which doesn't really show in the picture!

Here's a close up of the Rosettes...Tim Holtz die strip of course!

Return to Elegance

Here is a two page 12 x 12 layout that i did for a class as well. I LOVE black and white photo's so i really enjoyed coming up with this layout. Also anything to do with music notes or clocks is also a favorite of mine! I have 3 kits left for this class for $30.00 each incase anyone is interested.

A moment in time

Here is a simple 12 x 12 layout i did...yes that's right i scrap without pictures, but i like to do things that way, and why do you ask, because without pics, i have no distractions, so i am free to create without having to worry if i'm matching a photo or not! Then later i match up the perfect photo...or i save the layout until the perfect picture comes along!

Undeniably Tinful

I love altering tins, with Tim Holtz adirondack inks!!! I also decked out the flowers with glimmer mist (another of my ultimate fav's) So here is another of my tins. It is a tea tube. Super cute, it's about the size of a spary paint can.

Vintage Mini Pop

Here is a super cute mini album that i made, which was actually another class i taught. So the concept came from a card. Basically what you do is double the card and you have a mini album. I made it one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE paper lines which is October love love their paper!!! I'm pretty sure it's bordering on an obsession...LOL. I have 1 of these kits left from the class if you would like to do one. They are $30.00 each. So anyways this is what i created. Hope you like it.

So this is the front of the mini album....

and this is the inside, once you open the mini album!

*Tray Bien*

Here is a tray that i ran a class for in both Peace River and High Level. It's done on a 7gypsies tray....i LOVE 7gypsies, always something interesting with them to challenge yourself. So anyway, this is what i come up with.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flower centers

So here is a crazy idea i had...see we are back to the insanity thing...LOL. So what i did is take a non stick craft sheet and glop a quite thick circle of hot glue on it and then quckly before it dries, sprinkle beads or glitter, or whatever you desire on it, and when it dries it's stuck to the glue. Just make sure you have good coverage, you don't want to see any of the glue!

Tinfully Inspired

So here in High Level Alberta, we host a huge scrapbooking fundraiser each year, and it is always based around a childrens organization. It is the Go All Night Fundraiser. This year will be the 5th annual fundraiser!!! So last year one of the classes i did was a Maya Road Lunch Break Tin, which are now sadly discontinued. I thought you might enjoy a peek at it!!!

I will be a better blogger :)

Ok, i swear i will be a better blogger. I guess i just couldn't bring myself to come here because i think i may be afraid of this whole blogging thing...YIKES!!! They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but i'm pretty sure that if i keep at this i could actually lose my fears and get good at it :) But i guess we will see!