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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing with copics...

Ok so here is a fun thing i've been playing with...copics...but not just copics...the copic airbrush system! So much fun i tell ya!!! So i started with plain white prima flowers, and then my colors were Y and BV colors from the copic line. To give the illusion of high points i started and highlighted with a very light B color from the copic line, then started layering in other colors lighter to darker. I yellowed the center to start and then re sprayed it at the end. I took some hemp twine and lightly colored it a matching yellow to the center.

So here are my pieces after i was done airbrushing...

so i threaded the hemp twine all the way through the flower and the button and then tied it. I put a little spot of tape runner between each layer and a little behind the button, just to hold it in place while i was pushing holes to thread the hemp twine through the button! And this was my finished product.

Hope you like it!!!

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